Frequently Asked Questions

It is a “direct” cooperative relationship between the doctor and patient without the invasion of third parties like health insurance companies. This minimizes hassles and reduces their involvement in your medical decision making. This keeps control with you and the doctor.

It also provides benefits like 24/7 unlimited “direct” access to your doctor through phone, text, email, telemedicine, and clinic visits. We interact with patients based on your convenience and safety.

Unlike traditional offices that require you to always come in. We are all about simplicity. If we can make it easy for you, you will.

“Direct primary care” provides much more personal attention and flexibility than a traditional practice. We limit our practice size to around 500. A traditional practice requires 2500-3500 to pay the bills due to a heavier burden of paperwork, staffing, and other costs.

Yes. This is one of our most important benefits. Because we care for 1/5 to 1/7 the amount of patients of a “traditional” practice, WE HAVE TIME to do things such as take talking to our patients. This would be impossible for “traditional” doctors. They just don’t have time and the insurance they take does not reimburse for phone calls.

It is quite common for patients to have one full hour visit with the doctor.

Yes. We offer all the “concierge” benefits with a plus. What’s the plus? The plus is that we also a “direct primary care” practice, we are able to remain affordable to all. DPC is about service and affordability and which is why it is often dubbed “concierge for all”.

Keep in mind we do not “double dip” like many non-DPC “concierge” practices. Those practices bill you AND your insurance. With us, your membership is our sole source of revenue which simplifies billing and keeps control where it belongs, between you and your doctor. WE ANSWER TO YOU ONLY AND NOT YOUR INSURANCE.

That’s a long winded way to say we are “concierge plus”.

Yes. Absolutely.  While not required, most of our patients have insurance. It works great with most commercial insurance. POSSIBLE EXCEPTION: HMOs MAY BE A PROBLEM AS THEY MAY NOT HONOR PAYMENT ON ORDERS WE WRITE. If you have an HMO, you should check them first. Generally, most commercial insurance, Medicaid, health shares, catastrophic policies, and Medicare pair great with our membership.

TIP: Because we can reduce outpatient healthcare cost significantly, many of our patients opt for catastrophic policies or health sharing arrangements.


We don’t require it. We do HIGHLY RECOMMEND at least minimal catastrophic coverage. While we can manage many common medical problems in the clinic, a medical emergency, hospitalization, surgery, or serious diagnosis like cancer can lead to financial disaster or worse, limit your options for care when you most need it.

If you find insurance too costly, rather than just skipping it, consider using healthcare sharing with an organization like Sedara, Medishare, or Christian Healthcare Ministries. These pair nicely by complementing the benefits that our memberships offers. We take care of the day to day and they are there if you have a surgery or hospitalization. 

If you want to know more about these, please feel free to ask. 

Much less than you might think. Review our membership PRICES page.

Yes, you must always be a member to receive any care, advice, script, or testing from us.

Because our business model is built around the memberships, we unfortunately cannot offer traditional pay-per-visit encounters. All patients are members who pay monthly. This keeps billing simple and allows all members to have unlimited access to the doctor without hassles of tracking time and paperwork.

No. Please do not do this. We are interested in long term RELATIONSHIPS. If this is your intention, we encourage you to find a traditional doctors office and just pay the office visit fee.

If this is your intention, bear in mind, we do charge a re-enrollment fee of $200 per member to re-establish care later if you quit. Second, we limit our total number of patients to 500. When you attempt to re-enroll may have to put you on our wait list. IF YOU HAVE FINANCIAL DIFFICULTIES, PLEASE DISCUSS THIS WITH US IN ADVANCE AS WE WANT TO WORK WITH YOU.

Consult your tax specialist. This remains a “gray” area.  We are hopeful that the IRS will clarify this soon as it would seem reasonable. Combining a direct primary care membership with a high deductible insurance plan creates a powerful and seamless healthcare benefit with comprehensive primary care coverage—a benefit far better than is currently available even with insurance that offers first dollar coverage.

This discussion is regarding membership cost only. And labs, medicines, x-rays, MRIs, or other ancillaries are deductible. You can even use an HSA/FSA.

Congratulations on your health. If that is the case, our role would be to keep it that way by providing preventive annual wellness exams. Also, predicting what life throws at you can be difficult. Illness usually is not planned and there is a first time for everything. Should you get thrown a “curveball”, we will be accessible for you to quickly get back on track.

It is also with noting that if you don’t visit your doctor except when you’re sick or injured, you’re missing out on big benefits. Some of the must prevalent diseases are the silent ones. For example, half of the population over 40 has high blood pressure and only 1/3 of these people are correctly treated. The are maybe other similar examples.

Be a proactive patient but one that is reactive. Doctors aren’t just for fixing problems, they are for preventing then as well.

Yes. We do assist with the management of chronic pain with certain boundaries. Physical therapy, non-narcotic medications, joint injections may be tried. Chronic pain can be very difficult to manage and requires a multi-disciplinary approach.  Unfortunately, we do not offer chronic narcotic/opioid prescribing.  If this is necessary and you are a regular patient of ours, we would be happy to arrange for you to see a pain expert. They will determine if it is necessary. They will likely offer therapies first.  Most of the pain doctors still be extremely judicious in such cases. You will have separate financial arrangement between you and this specialist.

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